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Drywall Taping & Mudding

It is important that drywall mudding and taping processes are timed properly. Each coat needs to completely dry before the next coat to guarantee a smooth and uniform finish.

Drywall taping and mudding process is messy, but there is no need for you to worry. Duluth Drywall is here to tackle the job and the clean up for you.

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First Coat

Our drywall taping process focuses on covering up the seams created when separate pieces of sheetrock join, usually called joints. Our expert installers make sure to minimize the number of joints by hanging larger sheets of drywall.

Joints show up on the walls and ceilings and need to be covered to create a solid, cohesive  looking wall.

When applying the first coat of tape, our professional team uses top quality joint compound (or commonly known as mud) and specialized tools for the best result

Second Coat

After the first coat has completely dried, the second coat, or filler coat, is added. This process involves of going over all of the joint compound previously applied and building it up.

Attention to detail and the right technique is crucial to get a smooth transition from one sheetrock piece to the next.

The technique for a getting that smooth transition is know as feathering. When feathering, a steady-hand and attention to detail, and years of experience makes all the difference in the finished texture.

Final Coat

The final coat is what separates a professional finish from a DIY.  The third coat takes a great deal of blending, smoothing and sanding to obtain a uniform surface.

Once the third coat has completely dried, you can decorate and paint your walls too fit your style and personality.

Our Duluth Drywall solutions will make your home feel inviting and cozy year round